Branding for a flavor coffee company
One of the most complex projects I have had is gustocolorato, both in finding a concept for a common product and in pictorial language for a variety of packaging.

How do you create a special concept for such a common theme?
The name combines two words in Italian taste – Gusto and colorful – Colorato The uniqueness of the product is characterized by coffee beans with tropical and intriguing fruit flavors. Especially suitable for people who want to add color and tropical fruitiness to their daily coffee routine.

How is this reflected in the design?
Although the coffee is Italian, I was inspired by where the coffee beans were originally sourced from, South America. My goal was to combine color and tropical fruitiness alike, so I chose to go for the Token Beast-shaped logo.
The toucan is an animal found in the tropical forests of South and Central America, the toucans are also fruit eaters, and a wonderfully colorful bird with a large beak. There are different types of tokens, and for the gustocolorato brand we chose of course the colorful-original token, which is a colorful and luxurious token.
In addition I made the drawings of the coffee fruits, leaves and the painting of the toucan

Nerya Elul